Crohn's and Colitis


Age: 40

Location: Sarnia

Job: Infirmier

Income: 70 000 $

John is a 40 year old nurse in Ontario who suffers from Crohn’s disease. He was diagnosed in his twenties and has been on older drugs to treat his condition but suffers from recurrent breakthrough symptoms which interfere with his day to day activities at home and work.

John has been with his current employer for 10 years and on average uses 40 days of sick leave annual related to his condition and feels he is not always at his best due to his condition.

At his annual physical, with his specialist, his doctor informs him a new drug was recently approved by Health Canada in a new class of products called Biologics which may provide significant clinical improvements in controlling his Crohn’s symptoms.

John’s doctor writes him a prescription for this new medication.

John calls his employer’s private insurance plan who informs him the drug is not yet on the plan’s list of approved medications and is currently being evaluated.

John calls his insurance company every few weeks to confirm coverage and after six weeks receives the good news that the product is now covered but with special access conditions which require his doctor to submit a few forms. John has his doctor complete the needed paper work and within a few weeks John proceeds to get his prescription filled and has access to this new innovative therapy to treat his condition.